Wednesday, May 6, 2015

‘You know any Freemasons?’

Anyone catch the mention of Freemasons on Mad Men Sunday night? Roger Sterling and Peggy Olson were getting high on vermouth(!) while Roger packed his personal belongings for the move to McCann. He pulls out a Masonic ceremonial trowel, and asks Peggy if she knows any Freemasons. She laughs appropriately.

Where did Roger get that trowel? Could he have been a member of my own lodge, Publicity 1000?

I can’t get my DVR to talk to my iMovie, so here is a crude recording of the scene. Courtesy Lionsgate Television and American Movie Classics.

I hate to be like a groupie about it, but I’m going to miss this show. Only two episodes remaining. Losing this, and Letterman, and Vin Scelsa on the radio, all at the same time, is robbery.

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