Sunday, April 12, 2015

‘Prince Hall visit to Peninsula’

Flanked by Peninsulas Wardens, the Worshipful Master welcomes the delegation from neighboring Omega Lodge No. 64, PHA. From left: Senior Warden Bill, RW Bro. Angelo, Peninsula Worshipful Master Omar Morris, Omega Worshipful Master Ronald, RW Bro. Benjamin, and Junior Warden George.

A great night Thursday at (mighty) Peninsula Masonic Lodge No. 99 in Bayonne, New Jersey, thanks to Worshipful Master Omar Morris’ invitation to Omega Lodge No. 64, our Prince Hall neighbors down the street, to visit and teach the brethren about PHA Masonry. RW Bro. Benjamin, his son RW Bro. Angelo, and W. Bro. Ronald, Master of Omega Lodge, arrived in their resplendent regalia. The visit was reciprocal; just two weeks earlier, a delegation of Peninsula brethren visited Omega for the occasion of Omega’s annual rededication ceremony—a tradition that reinforces the brethren’s oaths and obligations.

In his remarks from the East, RW Benjamin told his audience about that rite, emphasizing a Freemason’s need to remember his vows and to recommit himself to his lodge. “That oath tells you what to do,” he said. “Sometimes we drift away, but these are the things you swore to do.”

He also spoke at length on the life and times of Bro. Prince Hall, and about the history of the Masonic fraternity that evolved in his name after his death. If you are a regular reader of this website, you should have some knowledge of these facts, so I won’t offer them here—and there are better places on the web to learn about them—except to point out how Bro. Benjamin noted that on that very date in 1770, Prince Hall was emancipated from slavery. A choice coincidence.

I hope our two lodges continue to visit each other, strengthen the bonds, and labor together for the city’s benefit. As Bro. Benjamin said, “The work is in the street—in our community. We all took that oath.”

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