Friday, October 24, 2014

‘Gurdjieff: The Search for Meaning’

The Gurdjieff Foundation of New York City will host an event next month at the Theosophical Society to introduce us to the concepts of the Gurdjieff Work.

Toward Awakening:
The Search
for Meaning
in the Midst of Life

Friday, November 14
6 p.m.
Quest Bookshop
240 East 53rd Street

RSVP to gurdjieffevent(at)gmail(dot)com

After attending one of the Foundation’s introductory events, one may attend Ongoing Readings, such as those scheduled for November 21 and December 5. Each session will consider an aspect of this Gurdjieff quotation:

“The point is to re-establish what has been lost, not to acquire anything new.
 This is the purpose of development.”

Send a note to that same e-mail address for more information and to reserve your seat at the Readings if you have attended an introductory event first.

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