Tuesday, July 1, 2014

‘Rosicrucian Digest: Martinism’

The new issue of Rosicrucian Digest, the periodical of the Rosicrucian Order, is devoted entirely to the subject of Martinism. It is the sixteenth such thematic issue expounding on aspects of the Rosicrucian tradition. The Rosicrucian Order’s sister society is named the Traditional Martinist Order.

As always, the Digest is available on-line, and there even are occasional on-line discussions on Facebook for further learning. 

The contents:

The Traditional Martinist Order—Introduction

Martinism: History of a Traditional Order

Take Back My Will by Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin

Martinist Lessons

Aurora: Jacob Boehme

Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin
Treatise on the Reintegration of Beings by Martinès de Pasqually

Of Errors and Truth by Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin

What Becomes of the Dead by Papus

Traditional Martinist Order Discourse: Kabbalah

Ieschouah, Grand Architect of the Universe

The Cloak

Martinism: The Way of the Heart

The Holy Spirit

Supplementary web articles also:

The Judeo-Christian Aspect of Martinism

Jakob Boehme: The Spiritual Awakening of the Teutonic Philosopher

The ‘Stage Set’ for the Agent of Omneity

The Traditionalist Martinist Order and Sacred Scriptures

On Equilibration: The Rose Cross Martinist at the Still Center

The Kabbalah: Secret Tradition of the West

The Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Croix

I’m guessing there will be lectures and other programs on Martinism coming soon to the Rosicrucian Cultural Center, and I’ll pass along that information as it come.

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