Tuesday, January 28, 2014

‘Taste of Yeats’

It’s a bit early for an announcement, especially since the program for the event is yet to be announced, but since today is the 75th anniversary of the death of William Butler Yeats, here goes:

New York University and the WB Yeats Society of New York will co-host a daylong celebration of Yeats on April 5 at the university’s Glucksman Ireland House in the Village. From the publicity:

Taste of the Yeats Summer School
Saturday, April 5
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Glucksman Ireland House
New York University
One Washington Mews
New York City

William Butler Yeats
Every summer, aficionados of the poet William Butler Yeats come from all over the world to enjoy two weeks of lectures, readings and theater in Sligo, Ireland, and to tour nearby “Yeats Country.” Here is an opportunity to sample the Yeats International Summer School for a day in New York. Along with a full day of programs, there will be information on the Yeats Summer School in County Sligo.

Speakers will include Geraldine Higgins, C.L. Dallat, and Anne-Marie Fyfe, as well as the Spiral Theatre’s production of “Gonne/Yeats.” (Professor Higgins also will speak at Glucksman Ireland House on Thursday, April 3 on “News That Stays New: The Future Life of W.B. Yeats.”)

The full program will be available online in late February. To receive an e-mail notification when program and registration information is available, contact ireland.house(at)nyu.edu.

Then, we will send you an alert when registration with the WB Yeats Society is available. (All registration will be through the Yeats Society of New York.) Glucksman Ireland House NYU members will receive discounted registration rates.

Presented by the WB Yeats Society of New York in partnership with Glucksman Ireland House NYU. For queries about the event, please contact the Yeats Society at info(at)yeatssociety.org.

All events are supported by members of Glucksman Ireland House. Click here to become a member.

If you wonder why Yeats might be important to the world of Western esoteric wisdom, this very special event may answer that. I have been told that 1) as of now there is no speaker booked to discuss Yeats and his spiritual life, but that 2) there is room in the program for one more lecture, so maybe that can be arranged. (It was the WB Yeats Society that brought Keith Schuchard to Manhattan for that very purpose a few years ago.) Ill share the details here when theyre announced.

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