Saturday, October 12, 2013

‘NYU: Perspectives on Mystical Union’

And speaking of New York University and neuroscience, an interesting discussion is scheduled for next Wednesday night, hosted by the Mindfulness Project at NYU.

From the publicity:

What is Non-Duality?
Perspectives on Mystical Union
from Philosophy, Psychology and Neuroscience

Wednesday, October 16
6:30 to 8 p.m.
238 Thompson Street, Room 475

Anecdotal reports of contemplative experiences often describe a sense of unity that transcends self-object dichotomy and subsumes the multiplicity of phenomena in a unified field of awareness/consciousness. This talk will explore different perspectives on nonduality. The neuroimaging data will be discussed in light of experiential meditation, and the different models for the neural correlates of nondual awareness will be presented, including the recent research from our lab at NYU (Josipovic et al., 2012; Josipovic, 2013).

Zoran Josipovic, Ph.D., is the director of Contemplative Science Lab in the Psychology Department at NYU, and adjunct assistant professor for cognitive and affective neuroscience. He is the founding director of Nonduality Institute in Woodstock, New York. His research interests are states of consciousness cultivated through contemplative practice; what these states can tell us about the nature of consciousness and its relation to authentic subjectivity; and the relevance they have for understanding the global and local organization in the brain. Zoran is a long-time practitioner of meditation in the nondual traditions of Dzogchen, Mahamudra and Advaita Vedanta.

Reservations are required, so click here. I do not know why the flier says Room 451 and the press release says Room 475, but we’ll figure it out when we get there.

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