Wednesday, September 18, 2013

‘Tonight: Full Moon Meditation’

There will be a full moon this evening, in case you’re feeling some inexplicable ticking in your psyche today, so get to the Rosicrucian Cultural Center for the monthly Full Moon Meditation.

Rosicrucian teachings suggest that each of the celestial bodies, including the moon, has a particular influence on one’s consciousness.

The Cultural Center is located on Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard, near the corner of 135th Street, in New York City. Get there by 7:30, as the skies go dark.

I attended the gathering last month, and enjoyed a really unique experience and met a group of very friendly people.

And check out these photos of the moon, taken by NASA, and just recently compiled into animation-type footage to show the moon rotating, affording us earthlings a look at the far side of our closest celestial neighbor. The side we never get to see. NASA released this video Monday.

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