Monday, September 16, 2013

‘Anthroposophical Society this week’

These Anthroposophical Society events coming this week in and near New York City sound terrific.

What is Anthroposophy?

“Anthroposophy is a source of spiritual knowledge and a practice of inner development. Through it one seeks to penetrate the mystery of our relationship with the spiritual world by searching for answers and insights that come through a schooling of one’s inner life. It draws, and strives to build, on the spiritual research of Rudolf Steiner, who maintained that every human being (anthropos) has the inherent wisdom (sophia) to solve the riddles of existence and to transform both self and society. Rudolf Steiner shared the results of this research in 40 books and in over 6,000 lectures now available in 300 volumes. He is increasingly recognized as a seminal thinker of the 20th century and one of humanity’s great spiritual teachers.”

Anthroposophy NYC is located at 138 West 15th Street in Manhattan. The bookstore has resumed regular business hours.

From the publicity:

Wednesday, September 18
Ten Part Lecture Series Begins
David Anderson on Spiritual Beings and Their Work
7 p.m. - Regular Fees

Contrary to the commonly held view that behind all we perceive with our senses there is ultimately only dead substance being blown about by physical causes and effects, there is actually a world of many levels of being and consciousness. This year we will look at the invisible beings who, whether we are aware of them or not, are intimately involved with our lives. We will systematically survey the whole scale of these beings and examine how we fit into their organized interrelationships.

Part 1. We will begin with an overview of the spectrum of spiritual beings found in the various planes of being and learn how they cooperate to build up the world.

David Anderson: has taught drawing and Wagner painting at Rudolf Steiner School in New York City and around the world. He holds a Master of Arts Degree and certificates from Emerson College (Waldorf education), and the Wagner School at the Goetheanum (teaching painting).

The second presentation in this 10-part series will take place Wednesday, October 16.

Regular Program Fees – Discounts for All Programs
Non-members $20/*$15, Members $15/*$10, or one Frequency
Discount Ticket (FDT). *The discount in each case is for seniors 65+, full-time students, and active Waldorf teachers. FDTs may be bought at a 25 percent discount for 10 events, 15 percent for 5, and do not expire.

In case of inability to pay, best contribution is always allowed.


Thursday, September 19 through Sunday, September 22
Chestnut Ridge, New York
Category: Eastern Region, Spiritual Research

2013 Living Questions Research Symposium
at Threefold Educational Center

All the technical achievements of our modern civilization are evidence of our ability to objectively understand the material world. But what about the non-material world, the world of consciousness, of soul, of spirit? Are there also ways of objectively investigating the world of soul and spirit? In particular, can the soul-spiritual dimension of the world be objectively investigated by soul-spiritual means? Are there non-material ways of researching the world that can lead to more than subjective belief or personal interpretation?

How should we regard the results of such spiritual research? How can their truth and objectivity be tested? How do the spiritual researchers themselves conduct their work and test their own results? How do they strive for objectivity in their particular field of inquiry and activity?

At this year’s Living Questions Research Symposium, we will actively explore these questions and also hear them addressed by practicing researchers in diverse fields of scientific and artistic endeavor. Join us.

Plan to attend our sixth annual fall research symposium, and take part in a living conversation on these vital questions. On tap:

Keynote talks by Michael D’Aleo, Gerald Karnow, and Laura Summer;

Interactive workshops led by Michael D’Aleo, Annelies Davidson, Laurie Portocarrero, Hans Schumm, and Gary Lamb;

Research Perspectives, Open Space Gatherings, guided conversation, and more.

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