Friday, January 11, 2013

‘The Quarry Project’

For months throughout the Masonic world there was whispering of the initials T.Q.P. among the knowing and the curious alike.

“What is it?”

“I don’t know, but I want in!”

Then the Dummies blog broke the news last week and directed much traffic to the website of The Quarry Project, and as of today, registration for attending this groundbreaking conference and for the recommended hotel accommodations are accessible on our webpage. Click here to check out this singular occurrence scheduled for September 27 to 29.

The Quarry Project is a joint effort by The Masonic Society, the Masonic Library and Museum Association, and, our host, the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia, and will be three days of valuable instruction in all facets of research, education, writing, publishing, curating, organizing, archiving, displaying, and other ing’s that most of the Masonic world takes for granted, but that cultured Masons – like readers of The Magpie Mason – recognize as essential to preserving and sharing our heritage.

There’s no sense in copying information from the webpage, so to see the agenda, click here. For registration, click here.

This conference is not just for us eggheads, but is intended to educate everyone who wants to be productively engaged in the transmission of Freemasonry’s archives and material culture to future generations. Yes it’s true that Masons make Masons, but in addition to what can be imparted only by the grip and by mouth-to-ear instruction is a vast wealth of accumulated knowledge and wisdom, and amassed artifacts, records, and ephemera – and somebody has to keep it together!

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