Sunday, September 30, 2012

‘Apron presentations’

I intended to post this weeks ago, while there still was time for dinner reservations, but here is the good news anyway.

RW John Walker Robinson and RW Jason Sheridan are the kind of Masons you like to see in Grand Lodge office. Both are important to the 21st century revival of Craft Masonry in New York City, and with many more years of labor ahead of them, things will improve further.  (I look forward to getting to know RW Bro. Nagel.)

It is a classy tradition in the Grand Lodge of New York, that of presenting (or re-presenting) the grand rank apron to the staff officer in his mother lodge. These events are pretty amazing, with testimonials from longtime brethren, and the presence of so many relatives and friends. I regret not being able to attend tomorrow night, but I hope to be there on the 17th.

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