Wednesday, May 2, 2012

‘The True Masonic Light’

Listen, when Brent Morris takes you aside twice in one night and tells you to post more often, you do what the man says. So here we go.

There actually is a lot of catch-up to do. Just in the past week or so was the Emulation ritual at Walkill Lodge, two of my nearly acceptable speaking engagements, the Scottish Rite symposium at Lexington, and — last, but certainly not least — The Bernie of 2012 on Monday night. I’m tired from just trying to remember it all. Magpie coverage of the above to come shortly, but first, because I posted this on ML a few hours ago unleashing the huge secret, is this bit of news.

Some weeks ago I mentioned there are things underway in New Jersey Freemasonry that portend a brighter future here. Well, I’m quarterbacking this one.

With a committee of six brilliant, audacious, and damned handsome visionaries, I am in the process of starting a new Scottish Rite Lodge of Perfection. If Supreme Council issues the requested charter, it would be named Architects Lodge of Perfection, inspired by the Grand Master Architect (12th) Degree of traditional Scottish Rite Masonry.

Click here to read a bit of Ill. James Tresner’s Vested in Glory, courtesy of the Valley of Bakersfield in California.

Its purpose would be to serve as a philosophical research society. It will not confer degrees, but instead would provide the academic study of Scottish Rite rituals, past and present, from Entered Apprentice to Royal Secret. The brethren would meet several times a year to discuss the rituals, symbols, and ideas. Readings of rituals, commentaries, histories, etc. would be assigned in advance with plenty of time to prepare for these meetings.

As the Master Architect Degree (A&ASR-SJ) says: “Wisdom is the True Masonic Light.” The degree synopsis in Ill. Arturo de Hoyos’ Scottish Rite Ritual Monitor and Guide says: “The ceremonies of this Degree are brief, but its significance is profound. Here you are taught the symbolic meanings of the Master Architect’s tools, the most important of which instructs us to solve the great problems presented by the universe, to know and understand the lofty truths of philosophy and to communicate it freely to others, particularly by our actions. Only the best and wisest in us and among us should rule. For if it be any other, the low and the ignoble will presume, and soon prevail.”

That summarizes the twin ambitions of this project. The tangible goal is to educate Scottish Rite Masons; the intangible aim is to build a generation of informed Scottish Rite Masons who should raise the standard of leadership for their Lodges, Councils, Chapters, and Consistories.

Membership would be open statewide to Sublime Princes in good standing in their home Consistories (although I can’t see us turning away brethren from other states if any want to participate).

The paperwork is well underway. If all goes smoothly, there could be a charter in August, which would lead directly to an inaugural meeting in September. I will post more about this in the meantime, but please wish us luck!


Jim Dillman said...

Well, I concur with Bro. Morris and you know he has the power to send a few of the boys over to deal with you if you don't stay in line.

Anonymous said...

Check out the latest bonus book published by the Scottish Rite Research Society, "The Most Secret Mysteries of the High Degrees of Freemasonry Unveiled." It's the first full translation of the first (1766) exposé of high degree Masonry. It has the earliest published versions (or precursors) of the Elu of Pegignan, Prince of Jerusalem, and others. More specifically to your plans for a new Lodge of Perfection, the Junior Architect and Senior Architect degrees roughly correspond to the 12°.

Good Luck!


P.S. And there's really no need to say any more to keep you in line. It's enough that you know that we know where you live! ;-)

Magpie Mason said...

Most definitely. We also will examine the degrees of other rites, where there is similarity or originality to AASR rituals. (I think we'll need two meetings for Rose Croix.)


KSigMason said...

March and April were busy months for me as well so I didn't post as often as I had hoped. Good to see somebody keeping you in line though. ;)

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

-Bro. Barry

Scott S said...

I would be interested, if you want a Brother from Florida.