Tuesday, April 17, 2012

'The Templar test'

The dates of the next International Conference on the History of Freemasonry have been announced. ICHF will return to Scotland for 2013. Next up will be a repeated call for papers this summer, followed by the release of a list of chosen presenters in the form of a tentative conference agenda early next year.

No one has any idea which scholars will be selected to present which researched subjects, but I hope you will consider this challenge if you have bought into the Templar myth of Masonic origins. I predict no research paper will seek to advance the notion that our Masonic fraternal order has its roots in the medieval military order commonly called the Knights Templar, and I ask you to understand why.

Scores of accomplished academics and other skilled scholars from around the world will present their findings on a dizzying variety of subjects during the three days of this conference, but I don't think anyone will attempt to advance the supposition, which was born in about the mid 18th century, that Freemasonry descended from the medieval Templars. My challenge to you is simply to ask yourselves why that might be. In the very land where the Templars allegedly appeared out of nowhere to vanquish the English and save Robert the Bruce's rear end at Bannockburn, a three-day conference on Masonic history will make no claim of paternity against these alleged forefathers of Freemasonry.

Remain calm, be open-minded and circumspect, ask yourselves why that is, and form an objective answer.


E C Ballard said...

Give it time. In academia as in all other areas of life, what goes around, comes around.

Magpie Mason said...

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Say, did you see my reply to your question of last week? I wasn't sure if it went through.


E C Ballard ஃ said...

Jay, I don't think I saw it. Let me know what it was. I was not ignoring you. I've been having some computer issues lately, including emails and messages getting eaten in cyber-space.


Magpie Mason said...

Oh, anyway, no, I didn't know the status of that website, but it looks like it is back to normal now.