Friday, January 13, 2012

‘The Pot of Incense’

More Magpie speaking engagements to announce, both in New Jersey:

Tuesday, February 7 at Loyalty Lodge No. 33 in Union; and Thursday, March 1 at Mountain View Lodge No. 154.

The topic for both is the very same paper I presented to The American Lodge of Research in 2010, namely “The Emblem of a Pure Heart: The Pot of Incense as a Masonic Symbol (An Aromatic Editorial).”

Pot of Incense as painted
on a wall inside the lodge
room of Adoniram No. 80.
Part speculative interpretation, part research paper, and part opinion essay, this presentation states the case for making the burning of incense an essential part of your Masonic experience. To say the very least, in initiation, incense delivers a powerful sense of transition to the aspirant; in open lodge tiled, incense affords the brethren a shared sensory stimulus that complements the individual employments of the other physical senses in building the energy inherent in the lodge opening.

There’s a lot more to it than that, so please come to either of these meetings to learn more.

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