Monday, June 13, 2011

‘Bloomsday to go a Twitter on Thursday’

It deserves more attention in Freemasonry, but James Joyce’s novel Ulysses is the story of a man named Leopold Bloom, who happens to be a Freemason. The story is famous, albeit not widely loved, in literature because its plot is patterned after Homer’s Odyssey, the author uses unknown vocabulary and stream-of-consciousness narrative, and the novel was banned and burned for allegedly being obscene until a court decision rendered the novel safe for American readers.

But it is newsworthy this week because all the action in the story takes place on June 16, 1904, known in literary circles as Bloomsday, and this Thursday – Bloomsday 2011 – the entire text of the novel is supposed to be Tweeted on Twitter. I say supposed to be because I don’t know who will text the novel’s approximately 265,000 words, divided into that medium’s 140-characters-per-message format, or why.

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