Tuesday, September 7, 2010

‘Which nobody can deny’

Thursday, September 2 was the occasion of the Public Apron Presentation Ceremony honoring RW William J. Thomas, Grand Treasurer of the Grand Lodge of New York at Shakespeare Lodge No. 750. The American Room in Masonic Hall proved too small, as more than 200 well wishers – New York Masons, wives, friends, brethren from Boyer Lodge, a Masonic VIP from the Czech Republic and others – filled the lodge room and adjacent areas to show their support for a jolly good fellow who gives so much to the Craft. Readers of The Magpie Mason might remember Bill Thomas from posts concerning American Lodge of Research, Thomas Smith Webb Chapter of Research, Shakespeare Lodge, the Livingston Masonic Library, or other bastions of Masonic culture. News of his election to the Grand Treasurer’s Office even has been published in the September issue of The Cross Keys, the monthly newsletter of Lodge Houstoun St. Johnstone in Scotland.

The Magpie Mason’s role in all this was Photographer/Nuisance, the latter title earned by circulating about the room blinding participants with the dazzling Nikon SB-600, my camera flash of choice because I can use it to make popcorn.

Bill, I will mail you a CD containing more than 130 photographs, but here are a few in the meantime.

This was shot after the ceremony had ended, and the VIPs were making their exit. Out of about 225 photos taken, this one of Bill and his wife Susan is my favorite.

Piers Vaughan, left, with Curtis Alan Banks.
Piers will receive the 33° next August in Chicago.

Left: Henry Marx of St. John’s Lodge No. 1 and Henry Colon of Shakespeare Lodge. Right: Lenny Kagan, Secretary of Shakespeare Lodge.

Daniel Semel, left, offers remarks before presenting
the Grand Treasurer his new apron.

Bill puts on his apron.

Left: MW Vincent Libone, Grand Master of New York, is presented.

Tom Savini, director of the Livingston Masonic Library;
Michael Chaplin, secretary pro tempore of American Lodge of Research;
Michael Caine Seay, boyfriend of Miss Lauren Gwaley; and
an unidentified, nervous-looking fellow.

Ted Harrison, Grand King of the General Grand Chapter
of Royal Arch Masons, with George Harrison.

Bill gets a hug from Martin Merman, past president
of the Metro District Deputy Grand Masters.

The Metropolitan Life Tower was the tallest building in the world a century ago. It is only one of the beautiful landmarks in view of Masonic Hall’s windows. (Sorry for the blur, but the tower is far from where I stood.)


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