Tuesday, August 10, 2010

‘Old Masters Scotch Whisky’

As reported in the Summer issue of The Journal of the Masonic Society, there is a new blended Scotch whiskey named Old Masters, and it is to be exported to the United States next month.

Word comes now that the first shipment is en route... to right here, New Jersey, where the U.S. distributor is based.

At right is the packaging available in the United Kingdom. For the United States however, the bottle will be square, and the cap will be black, according to one comment left yesterday on the Dummies blog.

In an e-mail to the Magpie Mason last month, the U.S. distributor explained that upon arrival of this first shipment, those who have reserved their bottles in advance will be contacted about arranging their purchases. If I’m not mistaken, all purchases will be offered on-line only. To inquire, contact Mr. Richard Lombard-Chibnall, Director of U.S. Sales, at richard.lombard(at)lombardscotchwhisky.com

Here is what the brand’s website says:

Old Masters is a rich blend originally created for the Freemasons and has been carefully chosen from selected grain whiskies and specific Highland and Speyside malts. This is the perfect Masonic Gift for a Mason, Brother, Master or Past Master. If you are a mason to any degree you will appreciate the fantastic picture label on this bottle. This wonderful item would create a fabulous talking point before and after any Lodge meeting or dinner. It would also make a great prize for a Masonic raffle or initiation ceremony. This item is totally unique and original.

This item is not available in any shops and is in limited supply, making it very rare and collectable. This item is now supplied online in a Lombard’s Card Gift Box.

Tasting Notes:

“The perfect nose to experience blindfolded (how else...?) as the depth of the fruit and grain – and their happy intermingling – is astonishing. A few under-ripe gooseberries here. Light, graceful arrival with the early emphasis on a Speyside malt theme before some grain and oak kicks in. Pretty long with touches of cocoa though the fresh malt lingers. A high quality blend that doesn’t stint on the malt. The nose, in particular, is sublime.
92 points.”

Jim Murray,
Whisky Bible 2008

A bottle or two of Old Masters was on hand in The Masonic Society’s hospitality suite during Masonic Week in February, and I had “a quick one.” As the Book of Genesis says, “It is good.” I’m not a fanatic about Scotch whiskey, devoting my taste buds instead to the American whiskies bourbon and rye, while retaining my atavistic fondness for the sweet goodness of certain Irish labels, but I was impressed with this blended Scotch. It’s not the Macallan 18-year-old, but it’s a world apart from Johnnie Red too.


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