Sunday, April 18, 2010

‘Grand Commander Chic’

The Magpie Mason congratulates Right Eminent Charles "Chic" Cicero upon his installation Saturday as Grand Commander of Knights Templar of Florida. He is well known as one who imparts the wisdom couched within esoterica, not only in Freemasonry, but also in Rosicrucian and Golden Dawn circles, and he's a veteran of several of Rose Circle conferences. Perhaps most importantly, he is married to Tabatha Cicero, a well known esotericist in her own right. Here they are together at the April 2008 Rose Circle Research Foundation conference at the Grand Lodge of New York.
Folks, take my advice and visit the Grand Encampment website each month to read the Grand Commander's messages in the Florida supplement of Knight Templar magazine. You won't regret it, so start now with his May message.

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Ron said...

Yup, we have very high expectations for Chic as Grand Commander. BTW - you may want to mention that the Florida GYR web site can be found at