Thursday, April 22, 2010

‘Dividing our time’

“…for the more noble and glorious purpose
of dividing our time.”

Earlier this evening, Bro. Aaron made a comment on Facebook about the famous Dudley Masonic Emblem Watch. We’ve all seen one, even if only from a distance. It’s one of those dreamy heirlooms from the 1920s many desire, but few obtain.

The Magpie Mason only gets to look at ’em in museums and other displays.

This beautiful specimen is inside one of the glass display cases in the lodge anteroom at Philanthropic Lodge in Marblehead, Massachusetts. I had the good fortune to visit earlier this month while on my way to Lexington for the symposium.

The card next to the watch reads:

The Dudley Masonic pocket watch is a classic of watch-making excellence. Designed by William Wallace Dudley and manufactured by the Dudly Watch Company of Pennsylvania about 1920-1925, only a few thousand were ever made. The unique design feature of the watch is that Masonic working tools were used as the bridgework to support the gears. The watch had a crystal on the back so the beauty of the internal works could be enjoyed.

There is more to be learned in the ads that marketed this timepiece to the brethren. The September 1926 issue of The Master Mason magazine includes this advertisement:

Generous terms of sale. I wish it listed the retail price. As this edition of The Magpie Mason goes to press, one of these watches is being offered on eBay by a seller in Cape Cod. The bidding currently is at $2,125.99. Interestingly, a seller in Maryland is offering the original paperwork that once must have accompanied an original buyer’s purchase. I wonder if that first owner had responded to the magazine ad.

Speaking of Lexington, there is another pocket watch highly prized by Masons and collectors that is on exhibit at the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum and Library: the Arbaco.

Its triangular shape is similar to the Waltham, one of which also can be had on eBay now.

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Looks like the Dudley watch is also up on eBay...