Monday, March 1, 2010

‘The Number 7’

I want to tell you about the progress enjoyed by The Masonic Society, the research and education foundation created in 2008 to serve the Craft in North America.

Since introducing ourselves, membership in the Society has grown to nearly 1,100! Issue No. 7 of The Journal is now arriving in our members’ mailboxes, and our on-line discussion forum is buzzing with 687 members discussing 3,464 topics.

And we are prepared for a busy 2010 in the wake of our annual meeting held two weeks ago at Masonic Week in Virginia.

The Journal is a quarterly magazine containing Masonic information written by authors from all over the world. Speculative papers, academic writings, news stories, history, fiction, poetry, great photography, insightful opinion and other editorial elements reviving the golden age of Masonic publishing.

Features in the new issue include:

“The Secret’s in Our Sauce,” by Roger S. VanGorden

“The Operatives Meet in London,” by Thomas Johnson

“Restructuring American Freemasonry, Part II: Appendant & Affiliated Bodies and York Rite Freemasonry,” by Mark Tabbert

“The Odd Fellows and Their Journey to Inclusiveness,” by Dr. R.L. Uzzel

“George Washington Masonic Memorial Celebrates a Century,” by George Seghers

“Fluid Freemasonry” by Michael Poll

“Walking the Walk: Regular Steps in Freemasonry” by Randy Williams

“Applying the Lessons of the Craft” by Jason Marshall

“Eastbound Night” by Kerry D. Kirk

“The Enigmatic Masonic Calendars” by Christopher L. Hodapp

Plus the latest in Masonic news from around the world, Masonic Treasures, and more. And news of current events, info on terrific Masonic happenings this spring, and other news from around the Masonic world. It is a top quality publication that, frankly, has inspired other national Masonic periodicals to revise their own operations. (Issue No. 8 of our Journal will be released in April.)

A subscription to this magazine is only one of the benefits of membership. Members are granted access to the Society’s on-line forum, where hundreds of Masons from around the globe interact every day, helping each other learn more about our fraternity.

And of course it wouldn’t be a Masonic organization without goodies like pins and membership cards, but the Society cranks up the quality of these items, producing elegant symbols of membership that earn accolades. In addition, each member receives an 11x14 patent, personalized and highly stylized that you’ll want professionally framed. It is a very impressive document, on parchment with a hand-stamped wax seal.

But the true benefit of membership in The Masonic Society is the learning experience. Whether it’s an eye-popping topic in the magazine, or just simple conversation in the forum, there is no end to what a Mason can learn from his brethren in this organization. It’s the best 39 bucks I’ve ever spent in Masonry.

Our new President is Michael Poll, the publisher of Cornerstone Books.

Our Editor-in-Chief is W. Bro. Chris “Freemasons for Dummies” Hodapp.

And our Directors, Officers and Founders include many leaders in Masonic education, including authors, publishers, curators, lecturers and Master Masons like you and me.

Brethren, there is a lot of confusion in the Temple over Freemasonry. “Dan Brown this,” “Templar treasure that” and all kinds of superstitions never should distract the brethren from Truth. The Masonic Society offers one way to uphold Truth with like-minded Masons from all over the world, and have some fun doing it. I hope you’ll check us out.

Chris Hodapp and Billy Koon at The Masonic Society’s annual meeting February 12 in Alexandria, Virginia.

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Chris Hodapp said...

Also in this issue:

• "Remembering The Founders" by Jay Hochberg
• "Grand Lodge of Missouri Masonic Museum" by Christopher Hodapp

In just 18 months or so, we have gone from zero to almost 1,100 members, from 18 countries. And still growing!