Thursday, January 14, 2010

Masonic relief for Haiti


Brethren from the Grand Orient d’Haiti at Alpha Lodge, 2009.

Brethren, the Masonic Service Association of North America will make an appeal today (January 14) for contributions to help, aid, and assist the survivors of the earthquake in Haiti, according to an e-mail just received from Executive Secretary Richard E. Fletcher.

The Magpie Mason respectfully suggests the brethren channel their giving through this single, organized resource. Whatever goods you may be shipping individually probably will not reach their intended destinations, as the destinations themselves may no longer exist, and looting is rampant. Similarly, monies transmitted via ad hoc fundraising drives might not be received in their entirety, whereas every penny received by the MSANA will go to relief in Haiti.

“To All Poor and Distressed Masons, wherever they may be, dispersed over the face of the earth or on the water, here’s wishing them a relief from their sufferings, and a happy return to their native land, should they so desire it.”

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MSANA’s appeal:

Appeal for Relief – HAITI

You’ve seen the destruction vividly portrayed by TV coverage. Much of Haiti is in ruins. All Haitians need assistance. Our Brothers in the Grand Orient D’Haiti desperately need assistance as they work with their communities in trying to rebuild their shattered lives.

Please forward to the MSA such funds as you feel appropriate to help our devastated Brethren and their families in this stricken jurisdiction. Please make checks payable to the MSA Disaster Relief Fund and send to:

8120 Fenton Street, Ste. 203,
Silver Spring, MD 20910-4785

Thank you very much for your help!

Most sincerely and fraternally,

Executive Secretary

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English Freemasonry assists also:

Information Release by The Freemasons’ Grand Charity of the UGLE:

14th January 2010


Following the devastating earthquake which took place in Haiti on Tuesday 12th January 2010, the President of The Freemasons’ Grand Charity has approved two emergency grants totaling £30,000. The funds have been issued to the British Red Cross and Plan.

The 7.3-magnitude quake, Haiti’s worst in two centuries, struck at 1653 local time (2153 GMT) on Tuesday. The epicenter was within 10 miles of the center of the densely-populated capital, where around one million people live. More than 50,000 people are feared dead.

The British Red Cross has been awarded £20,000 to assist with their relief efforts. Red Cross volunteers in Haiti are currently assisting the injured and supporting hospitals who do not have enough capacity to deal with this emergency. The most urgent needs at this time are search and rescue, field hospitals, emergency health, water purification, emergency shelter, logistics and telecommunications.

Plan has also been granted £10,000 in support of their efforts in dealing with the immediate aftermath of the disaster. Plan’s priorities are assisting children and their families and getting people into safe accommodation wherever possible, as well as working with survivors to help ease their psychological trauma.

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AlphaLodgeNo116 said...

The MSANA should set up a paypal widget to take payments from their homepage. The need in Haiti is immediate.