Sunday, December 6, 2009

‘Missed Opportunities’

The Magpie Mason has been under the weather for about a week. My “Cigar a Day Keeps the Doctor Away” regimen was put to a rigorous test – and it passed! But in the meantime, I was ill briefly, and regrettably missed several great events in the area.

Last Monday, Nutley Lodge No. 25 turned itself into a “Lodge of Reflection,” a variation of the Chamber of Reflection. Worshipful Master Franklin explains:

I have to tell you, it was odd but wonderful to see Masons doing breathing exercises, and meditating & contemplating our symbols. I’ve seen this type of activity with other groups (Rosicrucians, Martinists, etc.), but I don’t think ever with Masons.

We had 19 guys in attendance: six officiating ceremonies, and 13 “candidates.” Not too bad!

We are planning to do this on a regular basis, every other month or so. We’ll keep you in the loop.

And he supplied photos!

There are more photos that are too graphic to post on the web (unless Franklin says it’s okay).

Also missed with great reluctance was the December meeting of Cushite Council No. 474 of Allied Masonic Degrees. Regular Magpie readers know – and are probably damn tired of hearing – that four(!) AMD councils were set to labor in New Jersey this year, with Cushite being the first to receive its charter, back in February at Grand Council’s Annual Meeting.

Sovereign Master David explains:

Tonight we conferred the Royal Ark Mariner Degree, heard two papers, plus Q&A, and one multimedia presentation. We had a catered meal from a very nice restaurant in town, and met upstairs in an Irish tavern, then came downstairs for drinks and discussion until midnight.

I know that Irish tavern. Long before I was The Magpie Mason, I frequented the gin mills of County Essex. I am going to guess that Thursday night was the first time incense was burned there. I’m glad to see the place has classed up a bit.

And he supplied photos!

And then Friday was the installation of officers at historic Enterprise Lodge No. 31 in Jersey City (one of the last “mainstream” lodges in an urban area in New Jersey). Congratulations brethren! Photo courtesy of David Lindez.

And I still have much to tell you about Fairless Hills Lodge’s annual banquet, and Northern New Jersey Lodge of Perfection’s recent meeting, and I still haven’t told you about the rededication of Daniel Tompkins’ gravesite held four weeks ago! Where does the time go?

And then there’s the December 28 meeting of Lux ex Tenebris Council No. 176 of Allied Masonic Degrees at the dropdead gorgeous Allentown Masonic Temple in Pennsylvania. It’s the 14th Annual Feast following the election and installation of officers for 2010. I’d love to be with you guys again, but that is the same night American Lodge of Research meets.

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