Sunday, September 13, 2009

‘Prestonian pleasure’

Three Prestonian Lecturers walk into a bar. . .

The Big Event finally arrived last night, and by all accounts the Prestonian Gala Banquet was an unforgettable affair and a successful fundraiser for our charity.

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In the meantime, perhaps the brethren might enjoy a look around. The Magpie Mason shot more than 150 photos during the evening, and I share some favorites here. My Facebook friends can see more.

The Prestonians and the Mario Brothers.

Masonic Mirth: David, Trevor, and Aaron have a laugh.

Brethren from Atlas-Pythagoras Lodge No. 10 in Westfield.

Trevor Stewart and Mohamad. (Like I said, I shot 155 photos, and I swear Mohamad managed to get into about half of them.)

Thurman Pace, Rob, Trevor Stewart, and Grand Master Berman. No kidding: Without Rob, this event simply would not have taken place. He planned, executed and followed through until after everyone had gone home. A hundred Masonic affairs in New Jersey and Washington over the years would have suffered if not for this underappreciated and overworked brother.

Officers of Nutley Lodge No. 25: Senior Deacon José, Worshipful Master Franklin, and Junior Warden Dave.

Peninsula Lodge Masons, with Sam from Enterprise Lodge. From left: Gerry, Robert, Sam, and Nick. Gerry is the Freemason’s Freemason.

The Prestonian Lecturer’s jewel of office. The United Grand Lodge of England chooses one luminary in the field of Masonic education each year to travel throughout the jurisdiction and deliver his lecture. Sometimes they travel abroad. This photo is an extreme close-up of Gordon Davie’s jewel.

MW William H. Berman, Grand Master of New Jersey, at left, presents the proclamations announcing that John Wade, Trevor Stewart, and Gordon Davie are now Honorary Grand Lecturers in the jurisdiction of New Jersey. (Note Trevor’s reaction.)

Trevor Stewart, Prestonian Lecturer for 2004, expresses his fondest sentiments to Thurman Pace. This whole extravaganza was hatched last spring when Trevor suggested the idea to Thurman, who then set about assembling a planning committee.

From left: Gordon Davie, Prestonian Lecturer for 2005; John Wade, Prestonian Lecturer for 2009; and Trevor Stewart, Prestonian Lecturer for 2004. They appeared last night at Pantagis Renaissance, not as the Three Tenors, but as the Three Prestonians. It was the first time that three Prestonian Lecturers shared a podium, and it was for the noble purpose of raising thousands of dollars for the 32° Masonic Learning Center for Children in Scotch Plains. The Learning Centers are special education schools that teach children with dyslexia how to overcome the symptoms of the neurological disorder.

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