Sunday, July 26, 2009

The ‘Tavern Age’ revived?

Okay, here’s one that even Lindez doesn’t know about!

While running errands yesterday, the daily unbearable bumper-to-bumper traffic (I am really starting to hate New Jersey) caused me to get off the highway and take the local streets. So I’m cruising along Main Street in East Orange, and just as I cross over the Orange border, my eyes are drawn to the unmistakable Square and Compasses adorning a local business’ front sign.


It was kind of early in the day, so unfortunately the place was not open for business, but David, I propose a fact-finding mission! Let’s get some Alpha guys together and head over there one night after lodge.

An internet search yields very little, only a few comments from a guy named “We Repair Credit!!!” on one young lady’s My Space page, with these three photos:

A Haitian-American menu is advertised. (I wonder if saying “Make me a zombie!” to the bartender has regrettable consequences.)


Chris Hodapp said...

I love this.

AlphaLodgeNo116 said...

Hey Jay,

Like Chris, I think this is great stuff. The only part I am going to take issue with is where you say that you spotted this thing just as you crossed over the border from East Orange into Orange. This bar is located on the border of West Orange and Orange...literally one block away from West Orange.

The spot itself is just a Haitian restaurant and bar. I do not think the S&C is there for any other reason than to promote commerce (along the lines of the old trading degrees) and to assure the general public that the place is a safe, clean spot, owned by an upstanding person. There is however, a Haitian lodge up Main St. in East Orange (other direction) to which the many of the regulars there belong.