Sunday, May 3, 2009

‘A Year Savored’

I want to tell you about the progress enjoyed by The Masonic Society, the research and education foundation serving the Craft in North America.

We marked our first anniversary on Friday, and during year one our membership has grown to more than 750.

Issue No. 3 of “The Journal” will arrive in our members’ mailboxes during the coming week, and Issue No. 4 is well into production now. The Journal is a full color magazine containing Masonic information written by authors from all over the world. Speculative papers, news stories, fiction, poetry, great photography, insightful opinion and other editorial elements reviving the golden age of Masonic publishing.

The new issue includes:

RW Marc Conrad of Louisiana on Mozart’s “The Magic Flute.”
Bro. Will Highsmith of North Carolina on the Order of the Arrow.
New Jersey’s own W. Cory Sigler on “Designs Upon the Trestleboard.”
W. Nathan Brindle of Indiana on “Dues That Don't.”
RW Yasha Beresiner on the August Order of Light.
Plus a recap of the Masonic Week activities, and a lot more.

A subscription to this magazine is only one of the benefits of membership.

In addition, members mingle in the Society’s on-line forum, where hundreds of Masons from around the globe interact every day, helping each other advance in their Masonic knowledge. The forum is buzzing with 484 members discussing 2,065 topics, sharing photos, files, and all kinds of information concerning Freemasonry.

But The Masonic Society is much more than a great magazine and a stimulating website. We also come together as brothers and fellows in the spirit of our Masonic ancestors who gathered convivially in the taverns. We hosted our “First Circle Gathering and Banquet” in February during the Masonic Week festivities in Virginia. Our inaugural Semi-Annual First Circle meeting will take place Oct. 24 (details to be announced), and we’re also looking to host a variety of social events locally across the country.

Roger and Yasha at our banquet Feb. 13.

And of course it wouldn’t be a Masonic organization without goodies like pins and membership cards, but the Society cranks up the quality of these items, producing elegant symbols of membership that are earning accolades. In addition, each member receives an 11x14 patent, personalized and highly stylized that you’ll want professionally framed. It is a very impressive document, on parchment with a hand-stamped wax seal.

But the true benefit of membership in The Masonic Society is the learning experience. Whether it’s an eye-popping topic in the magazine, or just simple conversation in the forum, there is no end to what a Mason can learn from his brethren in this organization.

Our President is MW Roger VanGorden, Past Grand Master of Indiana. Our Editor-in-Chief is W. Bro. Chris “Freemasons for Dummies” Hodapp. And our Directors, Officers and Founders include many leaders in Masonic education, including authors, publishers, curators, lecturers and more.

Brethren, at a mere $39 annually, The Masonic Society provides a very stylish, educational and, frankly, fun way to broaden your Masonic horizons without conflicting with your already busy Masonic schedule.

Hope you check us out.

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