Monday, December 29, 2008

Journal No. 2

Word comes from our editor-in-chief that Issue No. 2 of “The Journal of the Masonic Society” will soon hit the streets.

Features include:

• Alpha Males: Trevor Stewart at Alpha Lodge, New Jersey
• Cleaning the Temple by Mark A. Tabbert
• Defining Esotericism from a Masonic Perspective by Shawn Eyer
• On Brotherhood by Robert Wolfarth
• First Degree Masonic Tracing Board: art and text by Greg Stewart
• There's A Hole In Our Bucket, Dear Hiram, Dear Hiram by Stephen Dafoe
• Photos by Ted Bastien

...and much, much more.

You mean you're still not a member of the Society? Well, consider this your engraved invitation.

And your subscription to this magazine is only one of the benefits of membership.

In addition, members are granted access to the Society’s on-line forum, where hundreds of Masons from around the globe interact every day, helping each other advance in their Masonic knowledge. As of today, there are 369 Society members discussing nearly 1,473 topics!

And of course it wouldn’t be a Masonic organization without goodies like pins and membership cards, but the Society cranks up the quality of these items, producing elegant symbols of membership that are earning accolades. In addition, each member receives an 11x14 patent, personalized and highly stylized that you'll want professionally framed. It is a very impressive document, on parchment with a hand-stamped wax seal.

But the true benefit of membership in The Masonic Society is the learning experience. Whether it’s an eye-popping topic in the magazine, or just simple conversation in the forum, there is no end to what a Mason can learn from his brethren in this organization.

Since announcing our existence on May 1, our membership has grown to more than 550. Our President is MW Roger Van Gorden, Past Grand Master of Indiana. Our Editor-in-Chief is W. Bro. Chris “Freemasons for Dummies” Hodapp. And our Directors, Officers and Founders include many leaders in Masonic education, including authors, publishers, curators, lecturers and more.

On Friday, Feb. 13, the Society will host its first banquet, as part of the Masonic Week events in Alexandria, Virginia. (Mention Hodapp's name and receive your complimentary champagne cocktail.)

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