Sunday, June 29, 2014

‘Endeavour: Series Two’


Two years almost to the day after its American debut, the ITV detective series Endeavour, the prequel story to the popular Inspector Morse mystery series, returned to PBS this evening, concluding just minutes ago. This episode, titled “Trove,” sheds further light on the eponymous detective’s disdain for a particular “ancient fraternity.”

Roger Allam as D.I. Fred Thursday.
Long story short: Oxford police investigate two homicides and a burglary that are linked. Of course it is young Morse who breaks the cases and brings the guilty to justice. The guilty are shown to be Freemasons who rely on one another for criminal conspiracy. A third character, a police sergeant, confides to Morse that he has been tapped to join the local lodge; it is thought that this man makes a certain crucial piece of evidence disappear early in the inquiry into the first murder. Morse cautions him: You cannot serve two masters. Eventually, you’ll have to choose.

In one of the final scenes, one of the killers desperately appeals to Morse, first suggesting it’s not too late to make more evidence disappear, but then warning him that he’s making powerful enemies who will destroy everything he holds dear.

Hmmph! The notion that a Mason would be unethical, and that another Mason would cover for him is… is preposterous.

It’s a great television program Check your local listings, or view here.

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