Saturday, May 24, 2014

‘Dead Sea Scrolls at Yeshiva’

Professor Lawrence Schiffman, of Dead Sea Scrolls, Yeshiva University, and NYU fame, announces YU will host its Second Annual Dead Sea Scrolls Seminar next month.

This will take place Sunday, June 8, from 1 to 4 p.m. in the Kovno Room in the Center for Jewish Historys Yeshiva University Museum. 15 West 16th Street in Manhattan.

I always say, if you think the Essenes have something to do with your secret society, you owe it to yourself to learn about Qumran from true scholars. The truth is more interesting than fantasy.

The program:

1-1:05 Opening Remarks

Lawrence H. Schiffman, Vice-Provost for Undergraduate Education and Professor of Judaic Studies, Yeshiva University

1:05-1:45 “Creature of Clay: Humanity According to the Thanksgiving Hymns”

Jeffrey Garcia, Lecturer in Bible, Nyack College

1:45-2:25 “When Insiders Become Outsiders: The Fear of Deviance in the Community Rule”

Ari J. Mermelstein, Assistant Professor of Bible, Yeshiva University

2:25-2:35 Break

2:35-3:15 “Torah and Prayer as Replacements for the Temple: Qumran and the Rabbis”

Azzan Yadin-Israel, Associate Professor of Jewish Studies and Classics, Rutgers University

3:15-3:55 “Looking for ‘Literature’ in the Dead Sea Scrolls: The Poetry of the War Scroll (1QM) from Qumran”

Moshe J. Bernstein, Professor of Bible and Jewish History and David A. and Fannie M. Denenberg Chair in Biblical Studies, Yeshiva University

3:55-4 p.m. Closing Remarks

Professor Schiffman

After the lectures, attendees are invited to tour the YU Museum exhibition Modeling the Synagogue: From Dura to Touro, featuring seven scale models of historic synagogues.

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