Wednesday, December 25, 2013

‘Get into the mystic movie business!’

Erik Paulsson
There’s an interesting project in the works, and “we’re all very excited about it.” Mr. Erik Paulsson, a film-maker with Red Storm in British Columbia, endeavors to produce a 13-part documentary on the history of mysticism. Titled “The Mystics: A Journey into the Mysteries,” the series is in the hands of Alchemergy Films, the California-based production company that creates content, in a variety of media, on the arts and sciences of personal and social transformation. They are seeking donors to contribute toward the costs of producing what promises to be a beautiful piece of work.

From the publicity:

The mystics are shamans, druids, and philosopher sages of ancient China and Greece. They are the gurus and vedic philosphers of India, and the oracles of ancient Egypt. They are the prophets and magi of the Middle East. They are alchemists, hermeticists, and theosophists. They are the Buddhists, Gnostic Christians, Jewish Kabbalists, Sikh Masters and Muslim Sufis.

The mystics all believe that there is more to reality than we can perceive with our limited five senses, and that through training, all human beings can transform their minds in order to experience higher states of consciousness. To mystics, the ultimate goal of life is enlightenment or gnosis, Greek for “knowing.” They believe that attaining these states leads to a profound understanding of the mysteries of the Universe, and thus their methods are known as the mystery teachings.

As this gripping story unfolds, we will journey through 5,000 years of history, from the Shamanic traditions of hunting gathering societies, through the emergence of Eastern and Western mystical philosophy, to the modern spiritual integration movement, which seeks the parallels that connect all mystery teachings, and their correlation with modern scientific theory.

Here’s a trailer:

Gifts can be made incrementally, from $10 to $25,000—and there are recognition considerations for each level of giving, including a thank you credit in the film, and Executive Producer credit for the most generous of benefactors.

To get involved, click here.

The Magpie Mind averages a few hundred visitors daily, and if each of us kicked in $25; and encouraged family and friends to give, maybe, $10 each; and then prevailed upon our respective esoteric orders to kick in, hopefully, $100 apiece, then the producers will come very near to their $50,000 goal. At this point, they have not reached the $10,000 mark.

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