Friday, November 29, 2013

‘The Light of Martinism’

The Traditional Martinist Order’s heptad in New York City will begin classes in January, starting a new two-year term of instruction in the Light of Martinism.

Louis Claude de Saint-Martin
What is Martinism? Well, ah, that’s a big question, but in this context, forget anything you have read on this website or elsewhere about Willermoz, Elu Cohens, CBCS, Ambelain, and other facts and figures. They are not misleading facts and figures, but they can confuse what is at hand here which, I believe, is Louis Claude de Saint-Martin and his teachings of how man can exist in harmony with deity, nature, and his fellow man. As I understand it, the Traditional Martinist Order adheres to what Saint-Martin himself intended: The work of meditation and spiritual alchemy toward Reintegration. There are no titles, jewels, or secret orders to covet; the reward is in mastering (read: living) the work itself.

Read more about it here.

I am not a member, but I am considering signing up, depending on what the meeting schedule looks like. I’m told it will be posted soon, and I’ll share it here when it becomes available. The New York City Heptad (a body of seven people), meets on Sixth Avenue in Chelsea.

Membership here(The rest of the site is scheduled to launch on December 21.)


Bushwick Avenue said...

The Marquis LCdSM was the Secretary and apprentice to the Grand Sovereign Martinez de Pasqually. I recall TMO circulated a translation of the Treatise many moons ago. So in that respect, you have to acknowledge the influences. Boehme is also to be considered, along with Saint Martin's peers who were active in Mesmerism. He was an Elus Cohen R+ and a CBCS. This Order created by Papus is indeed rooted in the essence of his spiritual writings and prayers, in that later in life he stressed the core meditative substance of spiritual work and complained about overly longwinded lectures and complex rituals. He was of course, a custodian of the Unknown Philosopher transmission which eventually made it's way to Papus & Delage, and the rest is history.

BelovedElect said...

"But, O you have fallen! The Enemy's dominion is securely on you and you have made the Lord's vineyard barren, have dried up the spring of wisdom and filled His expectant heart with sadness." +Eques a Leone Sidero

Magpie Mind said...