Tuesday, July 2, 2013

‘HOGD conference next week’

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Charles 'Chic' Cicero
The moment some of you have been waiting for is almost here. The 2013 Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Conference, led by Chief Adepts Chic Cicero and Tabatha Cicero, will be held in Ontario Friday, July 12 and Saturday, July 13. It is open to the public, and tickets are available here.

What is HOGD? This Order is a modern incarnation of the Rosicrucian movement, and has an initiatic lineage, via Israel Regardie, connecting it to the original Golden Dawn founded in Britain in 1888.

The agenda for next week (from the publicity):

Friday July 12

5:30 p.m. - Meet and Greet

6:30 p.m. - Introduction

7 p.m. - The Bornless Ritual: An analysis of the origins, development, and ritual elements of the Golden Dawn's powerful invocation rite.


Saturday July 13

10 a.m. - Formal Introduction

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Tabatha Cicero
Ceremonial Magic of the Golden Dawn: A workshop which will focus on audience participation in learning ceremonial techniques. This is an active workshop which includes practice as well as theory. The rituals taught will include the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, The Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram, and a step-by-step analysis of Israel Regardie's Opening by Watchtower.

Tarot Magic: Different systems of magic and divination provide us with a variety of patterns or blueprints of the universe as well as the pattern of the human soul. The Tarot is a perfect tool for divination, meditation and personal growth because the universe is completely defined or patterned within the context of the cards of the tarot deck. This lecture will emphasize how Tarot Cards can be used as skrying symbols for spirit vision work, focal points for meditation and dream work, and as talismans that are charged to invoke the divine forces that are associated with each card. 


Tarot Talismans: Working with the Angels of the Tarot: The cards of the Tarot represent real, living forces and powers that comprise the universe. Because of this the cards of the Tarot provide the perfect medium for the creation of magical talismans. Each tarot card has one or two Hebrew angels associated with it. These angels can be visualized by building a "telesmatic" image from the correspondences and colors attributed to the various Hebrew letters that comprise each tarot angel's name. This lecture also explains how to use Ritual Card Spreads in a magical ceremony to invoke the power behind the Tarot symbols.

Into the Shewstone: Golden Dawn Enochian Magic - 
The Golden Dawn incorporated the Enochian work of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelly into its highest teachings, where it became an astonishingly effective and powerful synthesis of both theoretical and practical occult philosophy. This slide lecture will examine the basics of the Enochian system with special emphasize on Enochian color magic utilizing the Enochian Watchtowers, the Four Worlds of the Qabalah, and the four Color Scales of the Golden Dawn. The audience will also learn how to skry into an Enochian Pyramid.

For the record, the Magpie Mason keeps a deck of Tabatha's Babylonian Tarot on his desk at all times. (My thanks to Mark Stavish for the lead.)

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