Monday, September 6, 2010


From the Master of Compact Lodge No. 402:

Dear Brother,

You and your Masonic friends are cordially and fraternally invited to attend and to contribute to the work of Compact Lodge No. 402, in the Corinthian Room at Masonic Hall, at its Four Hundred Fifty-Seventh Stated Communication on Tuesday, September 14 at 7: 30 p.m. for a special evening with guest lecturer Bro. Kevin Townley, noted esoteric scholar and Freemason, on:

“The Problems and Solutions of Masonry Are Astronomical.”

“Masonry is an earthly manifestation of a heavenly archetype, with the clouded canopy and starry decked heavens as its covering. In this discussion we will explore the astronomical nature of the lodge and its principal officers as symbolic representations of the movement and marking of the sun through the 12-month zodiacal year, as well as through the 25,960-year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes.”

Come and join Brother Kevin Townley for fraternal and stimulating conversation in the recesses of a tyled lodge, upon the carefully guarded secrets of Masonry.

Bro. Townley’s books – The Cube of Space, Meditations on the Cube of Space, and the beautiful centennial reprint edition of Henry P.H. Bromwell’s Restoration of Masonic Geometry and Symbolry – will be available for purchase and signing. These books are of great esoteric value, and due to Brother Townley’s diligence they are once again in print and available.

I look forward to greeting you in Lodge.

W. Jonathan Edward Cross, Master

Masonic Hall of course is located at 71 West 23rd Street in Manhattan. The Corinthian Room is on the eighth floor.

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Cliff said...

Brother Kevin gave this talk at Enlightenment 198 and really stimulated some great discussion.

Good luck with your program, I will send positive energy that it is a great night.