Thursday, March 4, 2010

‘Masons in Marblehead’

Many thanks to J.L. Bell at Boston 1775 for alerting The Magpie Mason to this exhibit at the Marblehead Museum & Historical Society.

The Masons in Colonial Marblehead

Through early May

The Freemasons are an international fraternal order dedicated to charity and fellowship. The Marblehead Lodge, originally known as St. John’s Lodge was chartered in 1760, and is the third oldest Masonic lodge in the Massachusetts. The organization’s name was changed to Philanthropic Lodge in 1797, when Paul Revere was Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts. Since the 18th century, Masons have assembled at various locations throughout Marblehead.

“America’s Revolution was led by people from many backgrounds, but it is notable that both nationally and locally, many Revolutionary War leaders were Masons,” said Pam Peterson, museum director. “This year, Marblehead’s Masonic Lodge celebrates its 250th anniversary, and MMHS celebrates the early Marbleheaders among them who contributed to our nation’s freedom.”

Eighteenth century punch bowls decorated with Masonic symbols are pretty common sights in museum exhibits of Masonic items, especially in the original 13 states.

If, like me, you are not from the area, but plan to attend the symposium next month on the Scottish Rite campus in Lexington, maybe I’ll see you here too.

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Chris said...

I am a proud member of Philanthropic, a joining member, and one of the more far-flung members (living in London). I was born and raised in Marblehead and return once a year or so and try to coordinate my trips with Lodge meetings.

Some of the brethren at Philanthropic, including my own brother, are planning to travel to London in May to attend my installation as Master of Goliath.

Marblehead is also the Birthplace of the American Navy and the Yachting Capital of the World.

Bro. Chris Hansen, Master-Elect
Goliath Lodge #5595, UGLE