Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Support the (Alchemical) Arts!


Alchemy Journal seeks Patrons

As Magpie readers may know, patronage is a longstanding necessity in the publishing world that serves readers of esoterica and similar literature. Alchemy Journal now seeks patrons to help ensure its excellent quality bi-annual periodical will continue to provide:

• More new alchemical writing, including essays, articles, poetry, interviews, and reviews;

• Outstanding new contributors, including alchemists from North America, Europe, Australasia, and around the world;

• Public conversations and dialogue about alchemical literature, philosophy and lifestyle;

• New publishing projects, including special thematic issues and anthologies; and

• Fresh initiatives and events, including alchemical lectures, workshops and gatherings.

The following is a modified note from the publishers:

Alchemy Journal seeks Patrons in order to continue to publish its high quality periodical which both honors and preserves the alchemical tradition.

We receive no financial support whatsoever from the International Alchemy Guild, and draw no salary or remuneration via our publication of the Journal. We cover only the production costs associated with each issue.

The opportunity remains for you to stand alongside the likes of renowned occultist, author and publisher Stephen Skinner; nature pharmacist Gabriel Quinn Maroney of Arcane Alchemy; Jungian analyst and author Stanton Marlan; and alchemist and magus Rubaphilos Salfluere of Heredom Group – the first four Patrons of Alchemy Journal.

We thank them for their gracious support, and hope you also may wish to support alchemical publishing via Patronage. However small or large, any contribution is welcome.

You also may know of other individuals or organizations with an interest to support Alchemy Journal’s Patronage Program, and we encourage you to please share the details of this program with others. Patronage of Alchemy Journal can be of an individual or organizational nature, and starts from as little as $250 (the Patronage Level of the majority of our Patrons to date). Patrons will be acknowledged prominently within Alchemy Journal and on its website, for their gracious financial support.

Please do let us know if you are interested in becoming a Patron of Alchemy Journal, and we can discuss options further. (We are flexible!)

We thank you for considering Patronage of Alchemy Journal, and look forward to your response.

With thanks,

Paul and Marissa
Alchemy Journal

To become a Patron of Alchemy Journal send an e-mail to

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