Monday, February 16, 2009

‘The Rosicrucians’

Masonic Week 2009 is history, but perhaps these photos will help preserve that history. During the course of about 72 hours, the Magpie Mason shot approximately 300 photographs, of which 255 were keepers.

Obviously, not all can be displayed here, but I’ll post a number of the better ones in a series of updates. Herewith is Part I, “The Rosicrucians.”

On Thursday afternoon, after a committee meeting of The Masonic Society (held in the ominously numbered room 2012 of the hotel), I happened to catch the colorful exit of the fratres of the High Council of Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis, presided over by MW William H. Koon II, Supreme Magus.

Philippe & Co. carrying banners.

Oliver has the strength of ten men.

Secretary General Franklin Boner.

Chris Jessen (IX°), Minister of Music, also is grand organist of a number of the groups that meet at Masonic Week. His musicianship adds so much to the proceedings that I cannot remember what it was like without him. His keyboard sounds like the pipe organ at the Royal Albert Hall.

Fratre David, Grand Archivist, exits the Council. David is Worshipful Master of historic Alpha Lodge No. 116 in East Orange, New Jersey. He is an enthusiastic and diligent laborer and leader in several fields of esoteric studies.

For me, this one says it all. Fratre David (IX°), left, confers with Past Supreme Magus Thurman C. Pace, Jr. It is hard to explain what Thurman means to a great many Masons, especially a number of us in New Jersey.

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