Friday, October 21, 2022

‘Masonry: History and Characters Through Philately'


News today from the Masonic Philatelic Club concerns a new ebook that illustrates the history of Freemasonry via philately.

Alvaro Montoya Merino of Colombia has published Masonry: History and Characters Through Philately, a 319-page guided tour through 2000 postage stamps. Surely a labor of love.

From the publicity:

The present work, collects more than 2000 postage stamps with 1200 Masonic characters, presented in ten groups according to their activities and achievements that ended up changing our history.

I think the author has made some mistakes in the Famous Masons department, but these pages share stamps from around the world and back into the past. It’s comprehensive, with thousands of images, and even includes papal anti-Masonry.

Read it here.


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