Tuesday, September 20, 2022

‘EA Degree at DeWint House!’


Something different is planned for Grand Master’s Day next month at DeWint House: an Entered Apprentice Degree!

I’m guessing this will be outdoors under a tent on the beautiful grounds of the historic site.

Sunday, October 2. Lunch at noon. Degree begins at one o’clock. Bring your regalia. Book your seats with RW Alonza Lloyd (I haven’t sat in lodge with him in ages!) by emailing him here.

If you are unacquainted, DeWint House is a seventeenth century house in Tappan that served as one of Gen. George Washington’s headquarters during the Revolution. It is most famously known for its association with the trial and execution of British Maj. John Andre, conspirator with Gen. Benedict Arnold in the attempted betrayal of West Point. The property was acquired by Grand Lodge about ninety years ago, and it has been preserved as a historic site, with a separate museum, open to the public, for as long as anyone can remember. (I think my lodge played an essential role in inspiring Grand Lodge to buy the land, but I haven’t researched that.) The grounds are populated with numerous exotic trees and other flora, plus monuments, historic graves, and more. Click here for some photos.

It’s well worth visiting any day, but this Grand Master’s Day sounds like an unforgettable occasion.

But wait, there’s more!

At the same time, and about a mile away, the lodges of the Ninth Manhattan District will host their annual Traubenfest, a day of German food, drink, and song. It’s a great, family-friendly time in German Masonic Park that goes until sunset. The two events make for a wonderful day, and in my experience, the weather has been perfect every time somehow.

DeWint House is located at 20 Livingston Street. Traubenfest, in German Masonic Park, is found at 89 Western Highway. Both in Tappan.

See you there.

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