Monday, August 29, 2022

‘The ALR: Master’s update

If you are not yet a member of The American Lodge of Research, you didn’t receive the message from our Worshipful Master last night providing an update of our plans. I won’t repeat what I’ve shared in previous Magpie posts, but news you can use include:

Upcoming Meetings

We will meet four times during the new Masonic year.

Tuesday, October 25 at 7 p.m. in Masonic Hall’s Colonial Room.

Thursday, December 1 at 7:30 (dinner at 6:30) at West Point Lodge 877 in Highland Falls. A joint meeting with the historic lodge located just steps away from the Military Academy.

Tuesday, March 28, 2023 at seven o’clock back in the Colonial Room.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023 also at seven and in the Colonial Room.

The speakers at these meetings will be announced in a timely manner. For the year, The ALR aims to bring eight presenters to the lectern; four are booked thus far. If you are desirous of making a little Masonic history of your own by presenting your research in America’s oldest educational and literary lodge, just contact WM Conor here. (If you do not wish to present orally in lodge but still have something to publish in our next book of transactions, that’s great too.)

Tokens of Membership

Aprons! Jewels! Certificates!

Okay, I’ll repeat a little of what I’ve shared before because this is updated information. There now are aprons, manufactured by the venerable Macoy Masonic Supply Co. in Virginia, available to members in good standing. Their design is based on our aprons from the 1930s. Our Past Masters may purchase PM aprons, and members may buy the MM aprons. $250 each. Photos and ordering info to come soon so check our website.

Magpie file photo
Macoy makes our aprons. Here’s our Senior Deacon regalia that I wore at our last meeting.

Membership jewels for both the Active and Corresponding brethren are being updated by a new vendor. More on this to come in the fall.

And certificates: I’ve shown you what they look like (it’s the same classic design in use for years), and they will be available through the website shortly.

Hmmm. Not to make more work for the Worshipful Master, but maybe we need lapel pins too. Remind me to bring that up when we meet in October.

I hope brethren of The ALR—past, present, and future—remember that we still are in a period of reorganizing, as demonstrated by the above activities, and if anyone requires assistance, don’t hesitate to contact W. Bro. Praveen, our new Secretary, here.

Hope to see you October 25.

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