Tuesday, April 6, 2021

‘Blue Lodge, the Masonic video game’

Courtesy Three Lights Studio

I know nothing of video games, gaming, that whole culture, but let me tell you about Blue Lodge, the new game for Freemasons. It was rolled out recently, and what I find interesting is how it is tiled—as in off limits to the public.

What a concept.

As the player, you become Adam, a young Entered Apprentice, who journeys forth to become a Master Mason, but to play, your grand lodge first must contact Three Lights Studio to enroll and join this gaming community.

I wonder if the creators thought that through. I mean, I see resistance by grand lodges to support the GWMNM’s digitization project, and that service is somewhat self-serving for the grand lodges. But I digress.

Click here to read more about it. And here’s a well made, if not exactly informative, video:


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