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Authors, publishers, and retailers of Masonic books; makers of regalia and lodge furnishings; event organizers; craftsmen who create the fun stuff all Masons buy; and everyone who would benefit from marketing their wares in a respected periodical are welcome to advertise in the pages of The Journal of the Masonic Society.

Our rate card is here. Then, just contact me here to make the arrangements.

Issue No. 42 (see front cover above) is delivered to our members and other subscribers, and No. 43 for Winter 2019 is in production now.

The readers of The Journal include the Masons who lead Observant Lodges, Research Lodges, and other bodies that buy bespoke regalia. They organize the book club meetings that expose Masons to new texts and their authors. They are today’s Master Masons, and will be tomorrow’s Grand Masters.

Let all of us know about the work you do out of your love for the Craft.

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