Masonic Calendar

The Masonic Society maintains two always current calendars of Masonic events in print and on line. The first is the Conferences, Speeches, Symposia & Gatherings section of our quarterly periodical The Journal of the Masonic Society, and the second, which is accessible to the public, is part of our website.

We invite you to contribute to our listings by sharing news of your upcoming events with us. Send an email here. Tell us the exact date, time, location, admission fee (if any), title and precise description of each event, and anything additional you think guests should know.

Interest is in events of educational and cultural purpose: meetings of research lodges, chapters, societies, and book clubs; one-time-only events, like guest lecturers; limited engagement opportunities, like museum exhibits (within and without the fraternity); and much more. You get the idea.

Please take advantage of this chance to expand awareness of your special events. Let your Masonic Light shine!