Monday, August 7, 2017

‘Hear ye, hear ye: Short Talk Bulletins’

For twenty bucks a year, you can subscribe to the Masonic Service Association’s Short Talk Bulletin Online Audio Library. There are more than 275 available currently and, it seems, they add a couple more every month. From the publicity:

For almost a hundred years the Masonic Service Association of North America has published the Short Talk Bulletin every month, discussing various symbols, lore, and Masonic historical figures and events, being the de facto public face of Masonry in North America. If Masonry in North America were a church, these would be the sermons.

These have historically been printed and mailed. By subscribing to the Short Talk Bulletin Online Audio Library, every month you will receive the current Short Talk Bulletin as a spoken audio file, and in addition will receive notification of and access to the growing collection of historical STB as they are produced. The vision of Anaba Publishing is to record all of the historical STBs, being spoken/delivered by various Masons around the country; to preserve this ongoing legacy to speak to the world about the value of Masonry; and provide real and tangible support to further the goals of the MSANA: disaster relief, educational publications, and Masonic information. Membership in the Short Talk Bulletin Online Audio Library equals direct support for the MSANA. All content is used with permission of the MSANA.

Participating Narrators:

VW Bro. Peter Cutler, DEO 14th, Maine
Bro. Colin Briton, Freeport 23, Maine
RW Bro. Mark Rustin, Grand Secretary, Maine
Bro. Michael Smith, Freeport 23, Maine
RW Bro. Toby Williams, PDDGM 14th, Maine
RW Bro. Arthur L. Borland, DGM, Oregon
RW Bro. S. Joseph Esshaghian, Grand Orator, California
Bro. Erick Weiss, Freeport 23, Maine
MW Bro. Craig Hummel, PGM, Iowa
RW Bro. Dexter Rowe, DDGM 6th, Vermont
Bro. David Asherman, Freeport 23, Maine
Bro. Daniel Margasa, Amity Mosaic Lodge, Danvers, Massachusetts
WM Bro. Donald Cyr, PM Freeport 23, Maine
MW Bro. Brian J. Murphy, PGM, Montana
MW George Braatz, PGM and PGS - Ohio; Executive Secretary - MSA
Bro. Darren Marlar, Chaplain, Lodge 102, Rockford, IL
MW Bro. Russ Chardonia, PGM - California
MW Bro. William J. Thomas, PGM - New York
MW Bro. C. Michael Watson, PGM GS, Ohio
MW Bro. Walter MacDougall, PGM, Maine
RW Bro. Alan C. Hindley, DDGM 14th, Maine
Bro. Phil Pearce, Dallas 192, Georgia
Bro. David Kancz, United 8, Maine

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