Monday, August 17, 2015

‘MLMA to meet next month’

The Masonic Library and Museum Association will hold its annual meeting September 17 at the Masonic Library and Museum of Indiana (and The Quarry Project will follow September 18-20 at the Grand Lodge of Indiana).

I strongly encourage membership in the MLMA. In addition to Masonic libraries, museums, other such institutions, and the people who manage them all, members of the MLMA include many individual Freemasons who appreciate the importance of there being Masonic centers of learning. It’s not just a matter of Masons wanting to preserve places that serve as repositories of Masonic culture for our own edification and enjoyment, but it also is important that all people have access to the stacks, the exhibits, and the knowledgeable professionals and volunteers who staff these treasured destinations. The MLMA provides mutual support in all manner of needs facing librarians, archivists, curators, and others engaged in the labors of preserving and making available the material riches of the Masonic Order. What is a museum but a place of the muses? You, as an individual, may enlist in membership; so can your local Masonic library or museum, your research lodge, book club, and, I suppose, anything else you can think of.

If you are a thinking Freemason—and you must be if you’re reading The Magpie!—click here for MLMA membership information. (Yes, I understand that for many it is yet another Masonic membership, but this one is for a larger good that, frankly, is a lot more important than some of those frivolous clubs with the goofy hats that some of us patronize.)

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