Wednesday, November 12, 2014

‘Mystic Tie in Maryland’

Maryland Masonic Research Society will meet for lunch at noon on Saturday, December 13, and Past President Joi Grieg will present “The Mystic Tie: Tying and Untying with Words.”

This will take place in the Roman Room of the Grand Lodge of Maryland, located at 304 International Circle in
 Cockeysville. Dining fee: only $15.

In addition, there will be the election and installation of officers for the ensuing year.

From the publicity:

Joi Grieg will present for discussion the topic of the Mystic Tie that connects Masons, and the language used across the fraternity to tie it together, or, in some cases, to distance. In the field of linguistics, this is called the language of inclusion and exclusion. Examples of the terms and the range of definitions used across the United States, some common and others almost contradictory, will be covered. It will include trends away from use of some of these words (such as “profane”), in the public sphere. There are choices that can be made by each of us as individuals, bound by obligations, rules, and Masonic entities, which can continue the status quo, or become more inclusive.

The Maryland Masonic Research Society was founded in 1979 with the mission and motto “Masonic Enlightenment through Research.” It is not a lodge, and is open to all who have an interest in Freemasonry. Lodges, libraries, and other organizations may become institutional members. MMRS meets at least four times a year at various locations throughout Maryland to hear and discuss research papers and presentations on philosophy, science, Masonic history, and other subjects of interest to members.

Please send your intent to mmrs1979(at) by December 7 if you plan to attend.

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