Friday, September 26, 2014

‘Fill in the blanks’

(With apologies to Time Out.)

Masonic lodges in the Northern Hemisphere have resumed their labors after the summer refreshment, so we again are mindful of lodge life. I wonder if anyone would care to fill in these blanks:

The perfect lodge has __________, __________, and __________... and definitely is __________!

Not a ploy to draw comments, I promise. I’m truly interested in hearing. Please feel free to reply in the comments section below. If you prefer to remain anonymous, just say so, and I’ll publish your answers without identifying you.

I intended to post this several years ago, so I will make it a new edition of Flashback Friday.


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Magpie Mind said...

D'oh! I forgot to add replies:

Bro. Chad in Ohio writes: "Its direction and guidance from its active membership and definitely is focused on the study of Freemasonry's philosophy, symbolism, and tenets for the benefit of the Brethren."

Bro. Marty in New Jersey writes: "The perfect lodge has fraternity, philosophy, and philanthropy... and definitely is filled with fortitude and fun!"

Bro. James in New York City writes: "Communication, Outreach, Fellowship, started on time and ended on time."

I received a few others on Facebook, but they're gone for some reason.