Thursday, March 6, 2014

‘Hermetic Studies program in Pennsylvania’

The ubiquitous Mark Stavish of the Institute for Hermetic Studies made the following announcement yesterday:

Mark Stavish
Over the last few months we have had inquiries asking if we would be willing to reinvigorate our bi-weekly classes in western esotericism, with emphasis on Hermeticism and the three principal Hermetic arts and sciences of magic, alchemy, and astrology. Our response has always been a firm ‘Yes, if there is sufficient interest and commitment from the students for something that runs once or twice a month for two or more years.’

As such, we are sending out this notice stating that if you are interested in monthly or bi-weekly programs of an organized and directed nature, for the study and practice of Hermeticism and the disciplines stated above, contact us. Meetings and attendant work would be held in the Wilkes-Barre area of northeastern Pennsylvania.

Dues and attendant obligations will be announced. Please contact us if you are interested, briefly state your background in any of the subjects mentioned, and your general geographic location (i.e., Scranton or Central NJ), and your ability to attend bi-weekly or monthly classes.

Please understand this is a structured program and does not allow for easy entry of new members after the first six months—and certainly not after the first year—so it is important that everyone be on board prior to its initiation.

In addition, Mark stated:

The course is going to be a highly condensed version of our first program that ran twice monthly for four years. This is ideal for those with some modest reading and limited experience in meditation and/or ritual rather than a complete beginner. It is also ideal for those wishing to establish their own local group, as it is aimed at the motivated learner, or the one most likely to establish a group and thereby be its first leader. This would be the essentials to get them started for general alchemical and qabalistic work, not a detailed study - there is not enough time for that. Emphasis will be on reading one’s own chart, and very basic horary astrology for asking questions and finding general elections.

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