Friday, February 22, 2013

‘Massachusetts Masonry in May’

On Saturday, May 18, Massachusetts Lodge of Research will meet for a multifaceted day with so much allure I have to believe brethren from around the Northeast will make a point of being there. I will try.

Overall, there will be the Masonic Leadership Summit, featuring David Harrison, Cliff Porter, and Andrew Hammer.

At 2:30 p.m., a Special Communication of Massachusetts Lodge of Research, with keynote speaker Harrison, will open.

At 4 p.m., a special training session with Harrison will open. Tickets are $35, or $25 if prepaid.

This will take place at Grand Lodge, located at 186 Tremont Street in Boston.

In the meantime, the lodge will meet Saturday, March 9 at Quinebaug Lodge in Southbridge.

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