Friday, May 4, 2012

‘Terrible news from New York’

I have been sitting on this news about New York grand masters for about a week, not knowing whether to share it here or what, but some out there in Masonic cyberspace insist full disclosure is the only way to fix the problems in Freemasonry, so here goes:

The Magpie Mason will be the guest speaker at Grand Master’s Day this October.

Sunday, October 7
2 p.m.
20 Livingston Street
Tappan, New York

There will be a brunch beforehand at The ’76 House, and then we will begin the festivities at DeWint House, the historic site owned and operated by the Grand Lodge of New York which served repeatedly as Washington’s Headquarters during the Revolution.

Click here to see a bunch of photos and some more information on DeWint House.

And, hey, don’t shoot the messenger, okay?


E C Ballard ஃ said...

Sorry I'll miss it, but the place looks beautiful. All the best!

KSigMason said...

October? Hmmmm...I'll see what I can budget, but maybe I'll come out to see this.

-Bro. Barry

Magpie Mason said...

Bro. Barry, if you're considering a trip to NY, you may want to hold off a week, and time it for one of those world famous Garibaldi Lodge EA Degrees.

Nothing firm yet, but I think we're in for one on Oct. 12.