Monday, May 3, 2010

‘Our loss is their gain’

New Jersey Freemasonry is suffering a loss these days. No one died, but our good brother Frankllin Suco has moved out of state, having accepted a position in upstate New York.

Bro. Franklin needs no introduction to regular readers of The Magpie Mason, He is the junior Past Master of Nutley Lodge No. 25, and the charter Master of Alexandria Council No. 478 of Allied Masonic Degrees. Most recently he was Eminent Commander of St. John’s Commandery, but had to resign that post of course. But he is not merely an office holder. What makes his departure a real blow to New Jersey Freemasonry is the obvious loss that will be felt in Craft Masonry and the York Rite for a long while.

Franklin is one of those rare Freemasons who champions the cause of providing quality Masonic experiences for his brethren. One of those guys “who gets it.” A Master who presides over meetings where true substance is provided, where Light is imparted, where Masons practice their Craft.

He and his wife Becca hosted a farewell party on Saturday. Just a few of the brethren with their families gathering for a barbecue in a local park. It had the potential for being a very sad occasion, but not if you think about the future. He and Becca are starting a family, and I wish them all the joy and success imaginable. Plus, knowing Franklin will unleash his energy on whichever lucky lodge up there he joins, one easily can imagine some lodge full of farmers quickly transforming its secretary’s office into this:

Good luck you guys! Hope to see you again soon.

Photo of Chamber of Reflection from Symbols of Freemasonry by Daniel Béresniak.

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