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‘Masonic Week 2010: Order of Knight Masons’

Masonic Week 2010: Order of Knight Masons

With only minutes remaining in February – and having just completed a conference call with several Magpie readers clamoring for more information and photos – I want to quickly finish my coverage of Masonic Week 2010, get it over with, and resume forgetting about what a forgettable week it was.

The Grand Council of Knight Masons of the United States met Friday morning (this is February 13) for its annual meeting, with Great Chief’s Council “0” as well.

Grand Council’s officer line for 2010 is:

M.E. Great Chief Edward P. Fagan, Jr.
R.E. Deputy Great Chief C. Michael Watson
R.E. Grand Senior Knight Kevin B. Sample
R.E. Grand Junior Knight Kenneth B. Fischer
R.E. Grand Scribe Douglas L. Jordan
R.E. Grand Treasurer Malcolm R. Holley, Jr.
V.E. Grand Senior Warden David Lee Hargett, Jr.
V.E. Grand Junior Warden Matthew D. Dupee
V.E. Grand Director of Ceremonies Andre E. Lovas
V.E. Grand Priest D. Allen Surratt
V.E. Grand Steward William R. Miller
V.E. Grand Sentinel Joseph S. Crociata
Ex. Grand Musician Chris M. Jessen
Chief of Great Chief’s Council 0 Bryce Hildreth

Our new Most Excellent Great Chief is Edward P. Fagan, Jr. of New York. Turned out our hotel rooms were across from each other, so we walked together to the meeting, chatting about mutual acquaintances. I had no idea he was about to be installed, so in retrospect it was a funny encounter. Seems like a good guy. Past Master of American Lodge of Research, where I’m becoming more active. I’m sure my council (Northern New Jersey No. 10) will host him for an Official Visit before long. We typically get the Great Chief of the USA to stop by during his year in office.

M.E. Dennis N. Zier, at far right, greets those Past Great Chiefs of Grand Councilwho were able to attend the meeting on February 13.

Not that this is doing him any favors, but I salute the valiant Cousin who arose during this meeting to try to present some New Business. Maybe I am the only one unpleasantly surprised to learn there is no New Business budgeted into the agenda of this annual meeting, but is it really possible there can be no New Business in a meeting convened once a year? Is that right? Is that Masonry?

I don’t even know what the man wanted to say, but he mentioned “Good Ol’ Boys,” so I would guess he might be displeased by the insular world of Masonic Week, where the same officers appoint the same officers to high offices, and never have to explain why – because there is no New Business at the meetings. He asked that he be allowed to speak at next year’s meeting.

Please don’t let him down, M.E. Fagan. The Good Ol’ Boys won’t melt if they hear a question from the floor.

At Great Chief’s Council 0 (zero), candidates for initiation
into the Order of Knight Masons await the Obligation.

Matthew Dupee, Edward Fagan, and Dennis Zier moments
before Fagan’s installation as Great Chief of the United States.

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