Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New AASR blog and French site

There’s a new blog in town... and it addresses a long overlooked facet of Masonic education.

Ill. Cliff Jacobs of the Valley of New York City released this announcement today:

Illustrious & Distinguished Brothers, Sublime Princes, Brothers All:

The New York State Council of Deliberation, under the leadership of the Deputy for the State of New York, Ill. Peter J. Samiec, 33°, is pleased to announce the launch of a new site devoted to Masonic research: the New York State Council of Deliberation Blog.

Although created as a blog, the site is not a forum for debate. Instead it will serve as the repository for Masonic research papers. Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following: Freemasonry including both the York and Scottish rites, Rosicrucianism, Templarism, Kabbalism and Western Mystery Traditions.

In order to avoid issues of copyright infringement, authors of papers submitted must be able to assert their moral right to be identified as the sole author of the created work. Reference material used in the creation of the work should be properly cited. Authors retain all intellectual rights over their research papers and shall indemnify the New York State Council of Deliberation from any third party claims resulting from the publication of articles on the website.

Please e-mail your papers to:

Ill. Clifford Jacobs, 33°
Valley of New York
waznojake2001 (at)

Please submit text in the Word format and graphics in the JPG format.

The first paper: “A Historical Perspective of the 29th Degree,” by Mete Talimcioglu, MSA, Commander-in-Chief of the Valley of New York.

You can access the site by clicking here.

Please be sure to bookmark! – “The game’s afoot...”

Respectfully & fraternally submitted,

Ill. Clifford Jacobs, 33°
Valley of New York

The Magpie Mason has learned of this only from Ill. Cliff’s announcement moments ago, but on the surface it seems the inspired work of the Rose Circle Research Foundation, on whose board Cliff serves, is crossing over to New York Masonry. A good thing.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, Bro. Guy Chassagnard, a researcher-author from Le Delta Quercy-Rouergue Lodge No. 1173 in France, also announced today on Masonic Light that one of his Scottish Rite brethren has created a bilingual website to serve as a public repository of Masonic documents and books.

I wish to let all the members of the list know that a French Mason (Scottish Rite from 1st Degree) has just opened a website which is to be a public Masonic library of books and documents.

It may be used in French and in English.

You may find and get documents (pdf) from the site.

You may freely subscribe and have your own books and documents offered to other viewers.

No fee, no censorship.

I think it is a very good project to support. Have a look to the first 50 documents which may be freely loaded and get them if you want.



Merci Frère Guy!

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